Locker Information

Details for Women's Locker Room

At least 1 current membership per family member from this pass code list: UM-30-DAY (30-Day Pass (Age 6+)), UM-30-DAY INFANT (30-Day Pass Infant), UM-ASSIST (Physical or Behavioral Assistance Pass), UM-TEMPPASS (Temporary Pass), UM-TEMPSND (Temp Pass Snd), valid on item begin date.


Locker numbers ending in H are half size; locker numbers ending in F are full size. The closest bay to the hallway has lockers 100-154. The next bay has 155-198. The 3rd bay on the same side has 199-242. The closest bay to the pool has lockers 243-280. There is one bay on the opposite side between the bathrooms and the showers, with lockers 281-324.
Full size lockers are $.35/day and Half size lockers are $.25/day. Assuming a 30-day month, that makes locker rentals $7.50/month for Full size and $6.00/month for Half size. Rental must begin on the date purchased, future start dates are not allowed. You can continue to rent your locker over the summer even if you are not a member over the summer. We will be turning over returned lockers for rental on a regular basis, so check back often!
Please make note of your expiration date; the renewal deadline is close of business on that date. It is solely your responsibility to renew the locker before expiration regardless of any renewal notifications. It is also your responsibility to make sure we have your correct email address for renewal notifications (or if you are a UMaine Student or Employee, that you check the email address that we are automatically provided for you by the University). If you choose not to renew, then please inform us by either telling the front desk manager so s/he can 'return' your locker, or emailing [email protected]. Any belongings left in the locker after it expires will be bagged and kept for 30 days before disposal. Locker cancellations will be effective at the end of the week during which the cancellation request is received. Locker rentals cannot be 'handed down' or 'passed on' to other members. Locker location or size changes will be subject to a nominal Change Fee.

For privacy reasons, no cell phone or camera use while in the locker rooms. Please, no food in the locker rooms for safety and sanitation reasons. If you are bringing a child aged 3+ of the opposite gender, please use the Family/Gender-Neutral locker room. Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property. Personal locks are prohibited on rental lockers and will be cut off; belongings will be bagged and stored. Day use lockers are for short term use only, items left overnight will be removed and personal locks cut off. Report suspicious individuals or activity to staff at the Entry Desk.

Policies may change *without notice*, please visit for updated information.